Kids Sewing – Are You Ready?

Before registering for my sewing club or project classes, I highly recommended students take the prerequisite class Beginning Sewing For Kid – Starting Out class. However, the prerequisite class is not required for students who can perform the skills listed below independently and efficiently:

  • Locate the following parts on their sewing machine and tell what each part does or how it is
    used (Sewing Machine Fun for Kids book, page 13):
    1. Bobbin case and bobbin.
    2. Bobbin winder.
    3. Feed-dog.
    4. Flywheel.
    5. Foot Pedal.
    6. Light.
    7. Needle.
    8. On/Off switch.
    9. Presser foot.
    10. Presser foot lifter.
    11. Reverse lever or button.
    12. Spool pin.
    13. Stitch length selector.
    14. Stitch width selector.
    15. Tension control.
    16. Thread guides.
    17. Thread take-up.
    18. Throat plate.
  • Load a bobbin and insert into the sewing machine. Thread the sewing machine.
  • Sew a straight line following the guidelines on the sewing machine throat plate.
  • Sew a straight line and pivot around a corner.
  • Thread a hand sewing needle, make a knot, do a basic running stitch, and sew a button onto
  • Stitch around curves and corners, keeping the stitch line even.
  • Follow simple pattern instructions to complete a project.
  • Replace the sewing machine needle and clean bobbin area.
  • Understand iron use, pressing and ironing, and safe practices.